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1. How do I know if RoonReady is running?
Go to and enter the product's GUI page. Click on /Apps/Audio App Switcher. If RoonReady is runing you should see and green box with the word active next to RoonReady.

2. What software does the RoonReady output mode work with?
The RoonReady output mode works with Roon Server or Roon Core (headless version of Roon Server). Roon runs on your computer (PC or Mac) or on custom made Linux appliances (coming soon) serving your content to the unit for playback.

3. Does Roon support Tidal streaming?
Yes, Tidal streaming is supported.

4. Where can I obtain Roon membership information and download Roon?
You can obatin Roon membership information and download Roon here:

5. How do I control playabck of Roon?
You can control playback via Roon running on your computer (PC or Mac) or via Roon's Apps on your mobile device.

6. Do I need to have a dedicated Roon server?
For simplicity and best performance it's recommended that you run Roon on a dedicated server.

7. Is there a prebuilt and preconfigured Roon server I can buy?
Yes. You can buy a sonicTransprter from Small Green Computer

8. What devives support native DSD?
For an update to date list devices that support native DSD refer to our sponsored section in Computer Audiophile.

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